Senior Belt Saturday

Our first official Senior Belt Saturday is coming up on July 13th. If you’re wondering what to expect from this special class designed for blue belts and up, these classes will be 2-hour sessions with Masters Coulson and Lawrenson.

The focus for these sessions will be varied, from emersion into Korean culture to self-defense and techniques used in other martial arts. Senior belts can expect an exceptional training session preparing them for their next belt level, as well as well-rounded education when it comes to taekwondo.

Another focus of these sessions will be developing leadership and instructing skills. As senior belts move up to higher belt levels, they will be expected to teach and lead various aspects of class. Senior Belt Saturdays will show how to do this.

Senior Belt Saturdays will run for approximately two hours every month, and registration for these sessions will be required. Sign up at the front desk if you’re interested – participation is not mandatory, but it is recommended!

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