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Grand Master Min has an extensive story to his life, one which deserves a book based on his life story.  Many students and parents at our dojang always ask about what brought Grand Master Min to be the man he is today.  This is the “short” version of his journey.

Grand Master Min was forced into Taekwondo at the young age of 9 by his parents who were looking for him to gain some confidence.  As a child, Grand Master Min was always shy, quiet, and displayed a lack of self-esteem.  One of his greatest stuggles was public speaking as whenever someone would ask him a question, he could not provide an answer no matter how hard he tried.  In the city of Chong Nam, South Korea, Grand Master Min grew up in a smaller community with his 5 siblings and 2 parents in a small home and like many families during this time, struggled to make ends meet.  During this difficult time Taekwondo offered discipline, courage, and a hope for the future for many families in South Korea.  After much thought by his parents, they had decided that Taekwondo was the best avenue for their son.

After starting Taekwondo, Grand Master Min had hated everything about the Martial Art.  In his dojang, he was the youngest and smallest student making him feel out of place and always like the runt of the group.  Grand Master Min had an older cousin attending his dojang who would always take every opportunity to beat him up in class.  Yet this experience had sparked a fire in him that would push him to learn more and be better at everything he would do.  Grand Master Min’s life, attitude, and demeanour had changed quickly. Although he was the youngest and smallest student, he was naturally talented at Taekwondo. Grand Master Min was always looking ahead to learn more and challenged himself with every task that was placed upon him.  Eventhough times were tough, he had decided that life was not to hold him back from achieving his dreams.

Some of the greatest qualities he had learned was Respect, Discipline, and Leadership.  Grand Master Min was to respect his parents, his country, his dojang, his Master, and all of his senior ranks.  He was to show discipline in class through focus, attentive skills, effort, and the idea of never giving up.  It wasn’t until Junior High that Grand Master Min learned the value of Leadership. He was to guide his juniors and those who were struggling during hard times to pull through and to continue on.