A Message From Master Coulson

Hello BTC Families.

I hope you are all doing ok in our very new environment.

I also hope everyone has tried to continue on with our usual life habits as well we can. To help continue your taekwondo training I have been busy getting our patterns and belt level curricula videos on our Facebook page as well as on our YouTube channel. Please use them! And to help get some scheduling normality in your homes, I have been working to set up interactive online audio and video classes.I’m excited to say that we’re ready to now give you three days a week of scheduled classes. Every Tuesday and Thursday there will be three instructional classes as well as two Saturday morning stretching and conditioning classes.

In closing, a lot of people’s lives and businesses have been changed dramatically by this world challenge and BTC is not excepted. You may or may not know that I have never taken any money out of the club as pay for teaching or by repay for our original (and ongoing) investment. We always were just pleased we could provide this unique kind of instruction and that our managers and other masters were paid for what they do so well. So at this time I’d like to say how appreciative I am of our BTC students and families, and if you are able to find value and continue supporting Barrie Taekwondo throughout this time, you have my eternal gratitude.

All the best and we will see you soon!

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