New Classes!!

Starting in January of 2015 there will be focused classes for our Red and Black Belt students preparing for higher level tests! Ask at the desk for our new schedules and get ready for your next grading.

December 20th Grading and Christmas Get Together!

Our next grading is on Saturday morning December 20th and will be followed by refreshments and some amazing tasty snacks. All of our students and families are welcome, and our long-lost instructor Jacob Coulson will be with us that day as well!
Please come out for the grading from 10 am until noon, and then for our gathering from noon until 2 pm.

Birthday Parties are Amazing at BTC!

Did you know that we have wicked fun birthday parties here at the Club?
Our Friendly staff will host any kind of party, birthday or not!
You can invite up to 12 guests to your party and we will do the rest...all the way to a complete clean-up! It's stress-free Birthday Party Fun!

Your Party will include:
A 45 minute TKD lesson on self-defence, martial arts games and a board break!
PIZZA! Three pepperoni and/ cheese pizzas of your choice!
Juice drinks or bottled water and all of the decorations

A FREE WEEK of TKD, YOGA OR TAI CHI for the birthday boy/girl

All for the low price of $159.00!!
Use of the Party room for an hour!!


Focus on Character

The Barrie Taekwondo Club started in 1999 when Master instructor Don Coulson began teaching the art to his friends and family out of his Jujitsu teacher's dojo in Barrie. We started with a passion for the art and a dream to introduce others to a martial art that provides a unique opportunity for personal growth and physical fitness.

We have taken the traditions and Tenets from our school's Grandmaster, K.H. Min’s taekwondo and combined it with techniques and skills learned from jiujutsu, karate and kickboxing to create a traditional martial arts system unlike most sport taekwondo widely taught today. This combination allows us to teach a whole- art approach to taekwondo and has created a very effective system of self-defense.

Grand Master Min

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