Evan Pantazi- The Founder of Kyusho International

For a two day hands on experience that will comer many aspects of the amazing art of Kyusho Jutsu (anatomical targeting). Kyusho can be integrated into any art form as it is basically a supreme understanding of the human anatomy and how to manipulate it efficiently.
Learn to control, dysfunction or disable the opponent quickly as well as restore good health. Applying Kyusho (knowledge) into the art you already practice will enhance your skills tremendously. You will become a better striker, grappler or healer.
This will be a unique training course expounding the differences between Kyusho & Dim Mak as well as how to easily apply many and various techniques.

Evan Pantazi is not only an expert practitioner, he is also the worlds foremost teacher of Kyusho Jutsu having clients in over 72 countries.
Integrating Kyusho knowledge will elevate your skills, enhance your technique plus open your mind to a whole new way of looking at your art form.

Fees: $85 per day if registered by April 30th
($95/ day as of May 1st) +HST

Time: May 24th & 25th 10am - 5pm

Barrie Taekwondo Club/ Grace, Too Studio
1027 Bayfield Street, North Midhurst

1st Annual Barrie Invitational Hanmadang Tournament

A Martial Arts Skills Celebration and Competition!

Saturday July 19th 10:00am Bow- In till 3:00pm

* Board Breaking Competition
* Traditional Patterns & Kata
* Self Defence Skills Competition
* 6 Grand Champions Trophies

$30.00 tax included for one or all three events!

Email Master Coulson @ sabunim@barrietaekwondo.com
for more information and to register for this special event.

Birthday Parties at The BTC

Did you know that we have wicked fun birthday parties here at the Club?
Our Friendly staff will host your party, birthday or not!
You can invite up to 12 guests to your party. We will do the rest!

Your party will include:
A 45 minute TKD lesson,self-defence, basic TKD and a board break!
A FREE BTC t shirt for the birthday boy/girl
A FREE wEEK of TKD, YOGA OR TAI CHI for the birthday boy/girl

All for the low price of $159.00!!
Use of the Party room for an hour!!


Focus on Character

The Barrie Taekwondo Club started in 1999 when Master instructor Don Coulson began teaching the art to his friends and family out of his Jujitsu teacher's dojo in Barrie. We started with a passion for the art and a dream to introduce others to a martial art that provides a unique opportunity for personal growth and physical fitness.

We have taken the traditions and Tenets from our school's Grandmaster, K.H. Min’s taekwondo and combined it with techniques and skills learned from jiujutsu, karate and kickboxing to create a traditional martial arts system unlike most sport taekwondo widely taught today. This combination allows us to teach a whole- art approach to taekwondo and has created a very effective system of self-defense.

Grand Master Min

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